Preparing for Tax Season #7

Sunday, November 25, 2018 11:47 AM Hi everyone, welcome to Uncommon Cents, Episode #1. Uncommon Cents is The Financial Education series by Bowman Financial Strategies. Today’s Podcast is the inaugural episode of Uncommon Cents and I wanted

Mastering Monday’s Blog Episode #1

Hi All! I really hope you enjoyed your weekend and I am excited to write this email.  I have been thinking very hard lately about ways that I can more fully serve the needs of the people I am grateful to call my clients and friends. The primary reason we

Food Truck Frenzy!

Owner of Bowman Financial Strategies, Erik Bowman, and his wife Heidi attending the third annual Food Truck Frenzy. This community event took place on June 2 in beautiful Castle Pines, Colorado. Highlights included 12 food trucks, beer, wine, margaritas, live music, activities for the kids and a pet corner. Thanks

Bowman Financial Strategies is Expanding…..

Bowman Financial Strategies is expanding and seeking a few select financial advisors.  Have you had success as an advisor, but seek an organization that can provide the environment to reach the next level?  Perhaps we should talk. Send me a note if you think you have what it takes.

What is an Annuity

When someone asks me if I think annuities are good, my answer is, “it depends”. Annuities are neither bad nor good. It’s either are a good fit for the client’s needs or it’s not. An annuity at its core, is a contract between a client and an insurance company. In

Real Life – Caring for Those in Need

I write this brief note as I think about my family, friends and our many wonderful clients at Bowman Financial Strategies. However, as time passes, inevitably some experience significant, unexpected health issues or even the death of a family member that can impact household finances, create emotional anxiety, take a

How Much Money Could You Forfeit to Social Security with the Wrong Filing Strategy?

Social Security Maximization is the process of analyzing all potential filing strategies available to a household and determining which strategy offers highest potential income. You have worked over 80,000 hours and contributed to SS for your whole life. You deserve to receive the highest income possible. Unfortunately, the SSA cannot,

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