Pension Maximization

We believe…

  1. You deserve the most Pension income possible
  2. Your souse should be protected from pension income loss
  3. The pension administrator can’t and won’t help you with pension maximization strategies


  1. You may have worked for over decades contributing to your pension
  2. Pension plans have a vested interest in keeping your payments low

If you are fortunate enough to be a part of defined benefit plan, commonly called a pension, you’re probably like most people and find that your pension decision is not simple.  The information is complex, your pension plan may not provide a great education on your options and you basically feel in the dark.  Worse, you may not even be aware that there are choices you have to make that can have a tremendous impact on your income for you and your spouse.   You need to get educated on your choices in retirement.  As an example, did you know that ERISA law indicates that if you’re married, you can’t take the highest income stream in retirement without approval from your spouse?

By making income distribution decisions without knowing the consequences, you can receive substantially less income from your pension in retirement.

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