Our Approach

Watch the following video to learn how Bowman Financial Strategies helps clients plan their financial future based on The 3 Primary Risks in Retirement

Our purpose is to help you prepare for retirement and feel confident that you can maintain the standard of living you envisioned. We want to remove the anxiety so you can enjoy your life!

We educate you on what we consider the best retirement and legacy planning strategies available in the industry today. Together we will create and implement a personal financial plan to help you pursue your goals. Whether those goals are ensuring you have enough income to last a lifetime, or preserving your assets to pass them on to your family or a charity, the goals are yours. Our duty is to craft a plan in your best interest.

We follow the Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary standard when working with clients, which means we will act only in the best interest of our clients and ensure that all retirement advice given meets the client’s objectives, needs and circumstances. A fiduciary remains loyal to his or her clients and makes full and fair disclosure of all facts pertaining to the client’s retirement situation. Our independent firm is not restricted to particular products or financial companies, and we are free to draw on the variety of options available from a full range of investment and insurance companies when creating your plan.

We follow an efficient, effective appointment process to uncover your goals and establish a well-crafted plan. The first phase includes retirement education, asking questions, and simply getting to know you. We also want you to be able to get to know us. In the next phase we crunch some numbers, do initial analysis and provide you detailed information so you can make an educated decision as to whether you wish to engage the services of our firm.

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