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Real Life – Caring for Those in Need

I write this brief note as I think about my family, friends and our many wonderful clients at Bowman Financial Strategies. However, as time passes, inevitably some experience significant, unexpected health issues or even the death of a family member that can impact household finances, create emotional anxiety, take a lasting physical toll and can leave them feeling out of control. Many of our strategies reduce the risk that these issues will cause irreparable financial harm but it doesn’t make those challenges any less poignant. Many of us have experienced this in our own families or seen friends deal with tremendously difficult circumstances. At Bowman Financial Strategies, our clients are like family. When they hurt, we hurt. When they are in need, we want to help.

I simply ask that if you know of anyone going through difficult times, let them know you are available to help or just to listen. Your relationship and simply letting them know you care can be one of the most important things in their life at that moment.

This article provides some insight and ideas on what to say and do when you may be struggling with the best way to help. This article specifically relates to someone diagnosed with cancer, but the ideas translate to a broad range of health challenges. The next time you have the opportunity to “be there” for someone, rise to the occasion and be the positive difference in that moment.

I sign off knowing people close to us are facing tremendous challenges and understanding we can’t change past circumstances, but we can have an impact today.


Erik Bowman

Owner, Bowman Financial Strategies

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